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NVIDIA Indie Spotlight announcement

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We are thrilled to announce that we have been accepted into the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight program! NVIDIA is the world’s leader in graphics technology and their GPUs power most gaming PCs and high-end workstations today.

From the program website: “We handpick and curate the best of the best indie games to share with our GeForce community of gamers.”

We look forward to working with the good folks at NVIDIA to help promote and market our game!

We’re on the DLC Podcast, Ep. 152

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We are humbled and very excited to have been mentioned on the popular gaming podcast DLC! Out of the 40+ games being demoed at the Made With Unity Showcase last week, show host Jeff Cannata highlighted ours on his podcast. As an up-and-coming indie developer, press like this is incredibly important and appreciated as we work hard to grow our audience.

We’ve pulled the show segment and made it available for listening above.

Please support the DLC podcast (which we are long-time fans of) by subscribing to them on iTunes:


Made with Unity Showcase wrap-up

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We had a fantastic time showing off our game at the Made With Unity Showcase @ Unite ’16 this past week! Game developers, press, educators, and a wide variety of other tech industry folks played the game and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Big thanks to all of you who stopped by to play and chat!


Made with Unity Showcase @ Unite 16!

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Exciting news! We are proud to announce that we’ve been invited to demo our game at the Made with Unity Showcase at the Unite 16 conference, Nov 1-3 in Los Angeles!

Unite is the annual conference where thousands of Unity developers, game publishers, and press gather to discuss development and show off their cool projects. A select few developers are invited to attend and demo their games in person, so we are honored to be among that group.

Animated GIF goodness

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I pronounce them “GIFs” – like GIFT without the T. Steve calls them “JIFs” – as in the peanut butter. I think Steve is wrong but we don’t have time to argue about it. Too busy making this game.

At any rate, several folks have asked us for the links to the animated gifs for Anew that we have been posting on our social media pages. I’ve pasted them into this post for your convenience. Feel free to share or embed them in your own sites!

ATDL_LogoATDL_VFX_EnemyATDL_Crystal_Cave ATDL_HeadShot  ATDL_Rockets

Dev Team @ E3

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Steve and I had a fun and productive trip to E3 this June. We met up with several developers, publishers, friends, and former studio colleagues. We also tried VR for the first time and looked really silly waving our arms around in the air with dumb grins on our faces.

Here’s a great shot of the Anew: The Distant Light dev team. From left to right – Steve Copeland, composer Will Roget, and me (Jeff Spoonhower).


We also walked the show floor and hung out with our good friend, former colleague, grad school classmate, and creator of the indie hit Axiom Verge – Tom Happ!


Audience Choice Award at Phoenix, AZ Comicon!

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We won the Audience Choice Award at the videogame showcase at Phoenix Comicon! We are thrilled to have been selected as the favorite game by the thousands of gamers that attended the show. It’s been a great experience sharing Anew: TDL for the first time and getting to know the other fantastic game developers in attendance.

Check out the fancy golden gamepad trophy: